US Army Garrison Livorno Camp Darby

Installation Overview

 USAG Livorno is located on Camp Darby, a 10-minute drive south of Pisa, Italy, home to the world-famous Leaning Tower. Camp Darby is only a 45-minute train or car ride from the city of Florence, the production center for fine Italian leather.

Rich in culture, Florence boasts hundreds of art museums and historic sites, all of which make it one of the most interesting cities in Europe. Florence is also home to the world-famous Uffizzi Gallery and Michaelangelo's masterpiece, the statue of David. Camp Darby is probably best known as a recreation destination. Located in Pisa the installation's beach, campground and guesthouse attract US and NATO soldiers, family members and DA civilians from across Europe.

This military complex between Pisa and Livorno was formally dedicated on 15 November 1952 and named Camp Darby in memory of Brigadier General William O. Darby, Assistant Division Commander of the 10th Mountain Division, killed by enemy artillery on 30 April 1945 on the shore of Lake Garda, Italy. Though the military community is small, it has most of the facilities typical of a U.S. installation.

Camp Darby's primary mission is to logistically support combat deployments that include war reserve storage and maintenance, maintenance of weapons and vehicles and their movement for rapid reaction and crises response operations spanning the globe.

Location/Driving Directions

Camp Darby is located approximately 6 miles from the Pisa International Airport.

If traveling on a commercial carrier, you should arrive at the Galileo Galilei International Airport in Pisa. Flights originating from the United States will not fly non-stop to Pisa, therefore it is not uncommon for flight delays; unless you speak Italian, you will want to be met at the airport by your sponsor. Keep phone numbers handy so you can update your sponsor if changes are made at the last moment or while in transit. Your sponsor can make arrangements to meet your plane and provide transportation.

Your sponsor is responsible for getting you to your lodging; it is imperative that you keep your sponsor informed of your travel plans. If not met by a sponsor, the First Sergeant or Commander of your organization will be notified and will be responsible to see that you are accommodated.

If your a sponsor does not meet you or you arrive after Duty Hours there are several options: We would recommend calling the Desk Seargent at the Military Police Station at 050-54-7575. The Desk Seargent will alert someone in your unit that you are waiting. This is a commercial number that can be dialed from an Italian pay phone.

There is also a Taxi service available from the Pisa Airport and although the cost is a PCS reimbursable expense, you will have to pay the driver initially out of your own pocket. The cost could be as high as 35 Euro (40.00 dollars). When you arrive at the installation gate, the cab will not be allowed entrance and you will have to walk to your lodging.

There are two (2) lodging facilities on the installation. Should arrival be after normal duty hours, there are special procedures to follow. Please stay in contact with your sponsor. If your sponsor is not responsive, please contact the Relocation Program Manager.

If you are driving from the airport (rental cars are available, but are not reimbursable in PCS status), exit the airport to the right. Follow the indication for Aurelia (blue sign) and Autostrada (green sign). Once in that direction, exit at the Camp Darby exit and follow the road for approximately 4 miles until you come to the gate that will be on your right. You will have to show identification at the gate for entrance.

Population/Major Units Assigned

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

Camp Darby is home U.S. Army Garrison Livorno, 31st Munitions Squadron (MUNS), 3rd/405th Army Field Support Battalion, 839th Trans, 497th Trans, Livorno Unit Schools, AAFES, DECA and AFN Livorno.

Camp Darby's permanent population, counting the units and family members, is more than 2,000 people. There are about 350 military personnel, divided equally between Army and Air Force. And there are about 580 Italian employees split between the Area Support Team staff and the CEB-L.

It is also a training base for the Army National Guard. In summer there are about 700 Guard soldiers deployed, usually mechanics or engineers, though the Camp also uses military police units.

Main Phone Numbers

Photo courtesy U. S. Army; Photo Credit: Joyce Costello

The Country code for Italy is 39.

Livorno 633 050-54-XXXX

APO 633-7035

Army Community Services 633-7084

Auto Skills Center 633-7009

Banks BNL 633-7978

Credit Union 633-7729

Bowling Alley 633-7458

Chapel 633-7257

Child Development Center 633-7459

Commissary 633-8180

Community Club 633-7855

Education Center 633-7073

Guest House 633-7580

Health Clinic 633-7357

Housing Office 633-8071

Outdoor Recreation 633-7775

PX 633-7392

SatoTravel (Civilian number) 050-581376

Sports and Fitness Cente r633-7440

Tricare Service (Civilian number) 050-54-7883

Center Unit School 633-7573

Youth Center 633-7629

Temporary Lodging

Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

Single service members of Ranks E-6 and below are to contact their unit/sponsors. They will check with Housing Office at DSN 314-633-7303/7755, to verify availability of rooms in the barracks. TLA will not be approved in case of space available in the barracks.

Single service members of Ranks E-7 and above are to contact their unit/sponsor to make a reservation at the Guest House as there is no SEBQ in Camp Darby. Billeting for married service members is in the on-post guesthouse, Casa Toscana, Building 202, DSN 314-633-7448.

The Casa Toscana has 22 guest rooms, including 2 VIP suites, one 2-bedroom handicap accessible apartment with full kitchen, four 1-bedroom apartments with full kitchen, two 2-bedroom apartments with full kitchen, four suites and 9 guest rooms. All guest rooms have private bathrooms.

Reservations for PCS travelers are accepted 60 days in advance and TDY reservations are accepted 30 days in advance. Reservations can be made by calling 011-39-050-547580/7448 or fax to 011-39-050-7564.

Check-in time starts at 2:00 p.m. Reservations will be held beyond 3:00 p.m. only if guaranteed by a credit card. Cancellations for a guaranteed reservation must be made prior to 3:00 p.m. that day without penalty. Any non-guaranteed reservations, not claimed by 3:00 p.m. will be canceled and the room will be used for Space-Available travelers.

Check out time is by 10:00 AM. Late checkouts are subject to a late fee of $5 per hour for the first two hours and an additional room night fee after 1200 p.m. No pets are allowed at the Casa Toscana.

The Sea Pines Campground and Lodge, located on post, also offers to lodge. They offer rooms, cabins and if camping is more your style, camping sites and RV spots. Reservations can be made by calling DSN 314-633-7225.


Photo courtesy U.S. Army

All military personnel must report to the housing office upon arrival in Livorno. The Housing Office is located on the ground floor of Building 413 on Kessler Avenue, Camp Darby, across the hall from the Installation Transportation Office (ITO).

There are 80 sets of government leased housing units. To be placed on the waiting list, the sponsor must have signed out of the last duty station. To be eligible for an offer for quarters the sponsor must report for duty, have signed in to his/her unit, and be physically present to sign for quarters when offered. Quarters are assigned based on two factors; grade and family composition.

If there are medical conditions that require special considerations, the sponsor must have documentation of the condition available at the time of sign in. Medical documents will be evaluated by the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) specialist, the Army Health Clinic at USAG Livorno, and a recommendation will be made through EFMP, and the medical and military chain of command.

There are a limited number of 1-bedroom apartments available for housing SEBQ requirements. There are no BOQ facilities. Bachelor Senior Enlisted and Officer personnel should plan on residing in economy housing. "All others" tour Senior Enlisted personnel will be offered available SEBQ and are required to reside in the government facilities if available.

Single soldiers E-6 (single Airmen E-4 and below) and below are required to reside in barracks if barracks space is available. Assignment to barracks rooms is by the unit command for the AIR FORCE (Bldg#401) or USAG Livorno Housing Office for the Army (Bldg# 409 and 412). Barracks/Dormitory rooms are furnished, laundry facilities are located within the building.

There are some 222 registered off-post housing units ranging from one - six-bedroom apartments and houses. Availability can be very scarce particularly in certain seasons of the year. Rental rates average from $700 (one-bedroom unfurnished apartment) to $2,500 (four-bedroom unfurnished house).

Utilities are extra and average $250 or more per month. Security deposits range from one to three month's basic rent. Approval to reside in off-post housing with Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) is on a case-by-case basis only. Arriving personnel should contact the Housing Office for further information.

Child Care

Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Camp Darby Child Development Center (CDC) cares for children 6 weeks to kindergarten with a variety of child care programs. The center has achieved NAEYC accreditation and has a maximum capacity of 113 children.

Requirements for registering your child/children include, a health assessment/physical within 30 days, an updated copy of shot records and completion of registration forms.

Programs offered at the Camp Darby CDC include: Full Day Care, Part day - Infant, Toddler Part Day ,Preschool Age Part Day, School Age Before/After School Care (1st Grade and Up), After School Care (1st Grade and Up) Hourly Care (Reservations are required for hourly care).

All monthly child care rates are based on total family income and figured on a sliding scale. Hourly Care is $2.50 per hour, per child.

Currently, there is no waiting list for any of the CDC Programs.

The School Age Services (SAS) program is National Afterschool Association (NAA) accredited, and a member of 4-H, and the Boys and Girls Club of America (BGCA).

Camp Darby's School Age Program is located in the Elementary School, Building 201. This program offers a planned curriculum for ages 6-12. The curriculum incorporates activities that enhance the youths knowledge in science, reading, and art.

Monthly themes are planned around ​a holiday and special events that are going on in the month. Register for this program at Youth/Teen Programs in Building 730.


Photo courtesy U.S. Army

The Livorno Elementary / Middle School (K - 8th Grades) is located on the base. A child is not considered registered unless all necessary documentation is presented. Staffing is determined by the numbers of students registered. Please phone: DSN: 633-7573 or Commercial: 0039-050-54-7573 for information on documents required for registration.

If your family has just arrived in the Livorno Area and you are staying in temporary lodging (Hotel or Pensione), your students will be issued a Temporary Bus Pass to the nearest bus stop. When you are looking a for a permanent residence, you should call the School Transportation Office to make sure the house you selected is within the Commuting Area or within the walking distance of an authorized school bus stop. School bus transportation cannot be furnished to children of families residing outside the commuting area boundaries.

Due to the closure of Livorno High School, parents should be aware of the educational options for high school age children before accepting an assignment to Livorno. All incoming personnel should be aware that students in grades 9-12 have the following educational options: Local Italian School, Home Schooling or Virtual High School or International School of Florence (ISF). The school bus to ISF requires approximately 1.5-hour drive from Camp Darby.

The School Liaison Officer can be contacted at DSN 633-8084 or commercial from the US 011-39-050-54-8084.

Medical Care

Photo Courtesy U.S. Army

The Livorno Health Clinic operates by appointments, and its hours are from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, unless otherwise indicated. A valid I.D. Card must be presented to receive any care except emergency care. To make an appointment, call the front desk at DSN 314-633-7357/7358.

All requests for emergency services should be called directly to the MP desk at DSN 314-633-7575. From off post dial 54-7575 if you live within the Pisa area or dial 050-54-7575 from areas of Italy outside of the Pisa calling area. (For example, if you live in Livorno, you would dial 050-54-7575.) For on-post emergencies, dial 114. Emergency services are provided through the local Host Nation community.

All questions about the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP) should be directed to the Vicenza EFMP Office at DSN 314-633-7084.

Active duty soldiers are the first priority for medical services and are entitled to receive complete and unqualified treatment. Family members are the second priority and are entitled to medical services, contingent upon the availability of space, facilities and the capabilities of the medical staff. When services are unavailable, beneficiaries will be referred to TRICARE. Retired Members, their family members and family members of deceased retired members are provided services when facilities and staffing permit. It is your responsibility to call the Health Benefits Advisor for more information.

The Livorno Dental Clinic offers full comprehensive dental services to all eligible active duty personnel and their family members. All others, such as retirees and civilian employees are seen on a ​space-available basis.