Unisys: Company Profile

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In 1986 two mainframe companies, Burroughs and Sperry, merged to become what is now known as Unisys. The firm provides technology solutions and services, including consulting, systems integration, outsourcing, infrastructure, and server technology, to primarily large corporations or government agencies across more than 100 countries.


Unisys offers a long list of services, so we're only going to highlight a few here.

The company's application services help customers manage their application portfolios, improve the code in their software, and re-engineer technology or migrate to better applications. Advisory services, testing, hosting, support, and maintenance are also part of Unisys' application outsourcing efforts.

On the data center side, Unisys helps customers identify inefficiencies and consolidate and standardize data centers. The firm also works on virtualizing servers and automating data centers for companies who want to free up their IT staff to work on more strategic projects.

Some customers outsource their payment processing to Unisys. Others enlist the company's help to take care of an entire IT environment or provide infrastructure support services such as installation, deployment, technical support, maintenance and warranty repairs.

On the security side, Unisys provides advisory services to help customers understand what's going on in their business, what it takes to boost performance, and how to manage risk. Through its security managed services, Unisys monitors customers' business networks on a 24/7 basis.

Meanwhile, the company's identity and access services help customers locate information entry points they must control, enabling them to structure and manage those access points.


While a huge chunk - approximately 88% - of Unisys' revenue now comes from services, the company does sell some hardware and software products.

Unisys' high-end ES7000 server family works well in virtualization and consolidation scenarios, as well as in online transaction processing and complex database environments. Here's an interesting piece of trivia: the ES7000 line made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2004 for hosting the largest number of concurrent gamers ever recorded on a single game server.

The company also offers a mainframe line called Clearpath, as well as various software, open source, and storage products.

Market Position and Achievements:

Unfortunately, Unisys has not been doing so well. On March 10, 2009, the company was included in Moody's Investor Services' "Bottom Rung" list of 283 companies that were considered the most likely to default on their debt. Moody predicted that 45% of the companies on the list would likely do so by March 2010.

During Unisys' first quarter of that year, its stock traded at prices below 50 cents, and rumors have been flying around about the company possibly going out of business or being acquired by another firm.

However, Unisys hired a new CEO, who has introduced aggressive cost-cutting measures with a goal of saving more than $225 million. The company restructured its business, and is still signing and extending large deals.

According to research firm Gartner Inc., Unisys' clients have been providing positive feedback on the firm's products, services and vision for the future. Another piece of good news: Unisys has been named a leader in Gartner's March 2009 Magic Quadrants for North American Help Desk Outsourcing and Desktop Outsourcing Services.

Job Opportunities

Since Unisys provides services, it looks for people from a range of backgrounds, including software development and integration, database administration, network security systems administration, infrastructure management and help desk support.

You can search and apply for jobs in your own geography by visiting the careers page of Unisys' website. The firm also posts openings on job search sites such as Monster.com.

Unisys has a program to reward excellent performance and offers opportunities for growth and development through Unisys University. The company boasts an "above market" vacation policy and provides tuition reimbursement, competitive benefits, and work/life balance options.

Tips for Applying

If you've ever had experience working for or with the types of clients Unisys serves - such as large banks or government agencies - make sure you emphasize that on your resume or cover letter. The company is also looking for people who are team players but are also self-motivated and can work on their own.

Applicants who need additional help to review the opportunities listed on Unisys' website.