Work-at-Home Company Profile: Ver-a-Fast

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Call center verification company, serving newspaper and yellow pages industry

Company Description:

Founded in 1976 and based in Cleveland, OH, Ver-a-Fast provides subscription verification services for newspapers as well as providing telemarketing services to other industries. It handles inbound, outbound and blended calling from its on-site Cleveland call center as well as via its home-based agents.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

Home call center agents at Ver-a-Fast are part-time independent contractors. Contractors must be available for at least 16 hours per week in a variable schedule that must include weekends. Pay is based on a base pay and incentives, and since these are not employment positions there are no minimum wage protections, though reports on various work-at-home forums indicate pay is around minimum wage.

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Work at home agents are required to provide their own Windows-based computer, printer and Internet (DSL or cable) and telephone service. However, the phone line does not have to be a dedicated line that is separate from the home line and a cell phone with unlimited minutes or a VOIP line can be acceptable. See more of the typical office requirements for home call centers.

Applicants should have good typing and computer skills and a quiet area to work and be able to provide a SSN and a state-issued ID. You will need a quite place to work and the self-discipline to work from home. 

The company draws its workforce of home-based call center agents from the states below. Click on the link to find more work at home jobs in these states. 

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Applying for Ver-a-Fast Jobs:

In order to apply for Ver-a-Fast jobs, go to the company's job opportunities page. If it the company is currently hiring you will see and opportunity to click on "Would you like a contract?" and fill in the online application completely. You can also call in to an 800 phone number to get more information about the open positions. 

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