Veterinary Technician Internships

Vet tech working with a cheetah undergoing health check

David Cayless / Oxford Scientific / Getty Images

There are many internship opportunities available to both vet tech students and recent graduates. Here are some current internship options for veterinary technicians:

Hagyard Equine Medical Institute

The Hagyard Equine Medical Institute (in Kentucky) offers two equine-focused internships to undergraduates: the Medicine Veterinary Assistant Internship and the Ambulatory Veterinary Assistant Internship. The internships run from January to June. Interns work a full-time schedule and are compensated on an hourly basis.

Hope Advanced Veterinary Center

The Hope Advanced Veterinary Center (in Virginia) offers veterinary technician internship positions. Both undergraduates and graduates may apply. Interns rotate through a variety of different specialty services including ophthalmology, oncology, laboratory, and emergency care. This internship is a paid opportunity.

New England Aquarium

The New England Aquarium (in Massachusetts) offers a veterinary technician externship for students interested in aquatic animal medicine. The externship involves a minimum commitment of six weeks. Applicants must be in their senior year of undergraduate study or recent graduates of an AVMA accredited veterinary technician program. Externs may work with fish, reptiles, marine mammals, and birds. A presentation is required at the conclusion of the externship.

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital

Rood & Riddle Equine Hospital (in Kentucky) offers a veterinary technician externship. The program is designed for students that are currently enrolled in an AVMA accredited veterinary technician program and have an interest in equine medicine. Students rotate through several areas including surgery, medicine, radiology, laboratory, and ambulatory practice. Externships run for a maximum of four weeks. These are unpaid opportunities, but housing is provided.

Sea Life Park

Sea Life Park (in Hawaii) offers veterinary technician internship positions (as well as animal care, training, and rehabilitation internships). Applicants must have prior experience as a veterinary technician and either be a student or graduate of an academic program. Interns work at least 40 hours per week for the spring (January to May) or summer (May to August) internship periods. They will have the opportunity to work with sea turtles, penguins, fish, and seabirds. Internships are unpaid, but students receive one meal daily at the park.

The Tulsa Zoo

The Tulsa Zoo (in Oklahoma) offers a veterinary technician internship program for recent graduates that have successfully passed the VTNE exam and have an interest in zoological medicine. The internship requires a six-month commitment and some overtime (including weekends and holidays) may be required. Duties include patient care, lab work, administrative tasks, and hospital maintenance. It is a paid internship opportunity, and interns receive $12,500 in compensation. Housing and transportation are not provided.

University of Florida Small Animal Hospital

The University of Florida’s Small Animal Hospital offers a veterinary technician internship program for recent graduates (or credentialed experienced techs) with an interest in anesthesia or emergency and critical care. A one-year commitment is required. The compensation package includes a salary of $24,000, insurance (health/dental/vision), and ten days of paid personal leave time. Applications are due in March, and the internship begins in June.

University of Tennessee

The University of Tennessee offers a veterinary technician internship for new graduates in the small animal teaching hospital. The internship lasts for one calendar year and allows interns to rotate through many core and elective areas in one to four-week sessions. Compensation includes hourly pay (plus overtime), partially paid medical insurance, and reduced cost housing in the university dorms. Applications are due in March, and the internship begins in June.

White Oak Conservation Center

The White Oak Conservation Center (in Florida) offers a veterinary technician internship program for graduates of accredited vet tech programs that have an interest in wildlife medicine. Only American and Canadian citizens are eligible to participate. The internship is a six-month opportunity and includes assisting with exams, performing lab procedures and diagnostic tests, assisting with necropsies, maintaining surgical equipment, and performing routine hospital maintenance. Intern compensation consists of a small stipend and housing (private room).