Warner Music Group Offers Many Internships

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Warner Music Group (WMG) is a global music company operating in more than 50 countries around the world. The corporate headquarters for Warner Music Group is located in New York, NY. WMG is home to many well-known artists, and record labels and an internship with WMG will make a valuable addition to any resume.

Types of Internships

The Warner Music Group offers a variety of different types of internships for students majoring in many disciplines but who also possess a strong interest in the music industry. An internship with WMG is an excellent opportunity to gain the relevant experience required in the field as well as a chance to develop the professional connections needed to land a job. During an internship, students can shadow professionals in the field as well as work on real projects for the company.

Marketing Your Skills

The competitiveness that exists in the music industry makes this internship an exceptional opportunity. Bridging the gap between college and the professional world provides real-world knowledge and skills to an already strong base of classroom learning and personal interests and development. An internship in the field is a great learning experience and can even be helpful in identifying additional strengths and skills. WMG offers interns important assignments that will ultimately make them more marketable upon graduation.

Available Internships

  • A & R
  • IT
  • Promotions
  • Human Resources
  • Publicity & Marketing

Warner Music Group offers fall, spring, and summer internships and students must do all internships for credit.


WMG seeks applicants with skills in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), basic administrative skills (copying, faxing, answering phones), strong written and verbal communication skills and an interest in the music/entertainment field. Students must be able to work a minimum of 15 hours per week and must be eligible to receive credit (letter of proof from the student’s college is required).


Even though this internship is unpaid, students do get an opportunity to gain real world experience at one of the top music companies in the industry. Intern events are held each semester offering students a chance to socialize and network with professionals in the field, meet other interns, and attend resume building workshops. Many previous interns go on to gain full-time employment with the organization. In fact, all interested seniors are given a chance to meet with an on-site recruiter upon graduation to be considered for any full-time positions that exist.

To Apply

For internship opportunities, all applicants must submit a cover letter and resume.