12 Ways to Promote Your Blog

Blog Promotion Tips for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

One new blog is created every second and millions of active, English-language blogs exist on the Internet.  As the blogosphere grows, how can you get your blog noticed and grow your readership?  One of the best ways to increase your site traffic is by actively promoting your blog. Below are twelve easy, free and effective ways to promote your blog or blawg

Maximize Your Blog’s Design

Create a design for your blog that is simple, appealing and professional.  Highlight posts that will attract and retain readers, create buttons for social media, post appropriate images, make your site easy to navigate and include a section for readers to leave comments.

Exchange Links with Other Bloggers

When you link to other bloggers and Web resources, they might return the favor and link back to your site. Links to your site can introduce new readers to your blog and increase your search engine rankings.  You can also include a blog roll on your site listing other related blogs of interest and promote your blog in our list of legal blogs.

Utilize Social Media

Take advantage of social media tools such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help you promote and grow your blog.  If you are short on time, you can set up automatic blog feeds to these sites.

Promote Your Blog from Your Other Websites

Be sure to include a link to your blog from your website, bio, other blogs, online resume, Internet profile, social media accounts and other sites you manage on the Web.

Brand your Promotional Materials With Your Blog and RSS Details

Be sure to brand rour promotional materials - such as marketing fliers, pamphlets, books, white papers and press releases - with your blog and RSS details.  You should also mention your blog at workshops, speaking engagements, networking events, CLEs, job fairs and other events.  In addition to mentioning your blog, be certain to include the blog’s URL so that others can find it easily.

Participate in Forums

Forums and online discussion groups exist for virtually every niche and topic.  Participate in forums related to your blog’s subject matter: get involved in the conversation, offer useful advice, respond to questions posed by other members and link to helpful information. Within these discussions you can mention your blog or tastefully include links to related blog posts. However, don’t spam forums with links to unrelated information.

Write for Publication

Similar to guest blogging, you can publish articles on your topic of expertise and mention your blog in the text of the article, if appropriate, or include a link in your bio.

Comment on Other Blogs

Commenting on other blogs is another way to promote your own blog. Make sure your comments genuinely contribute to the conversation and don’t simply contain links back to your blog since many bloggers will delete these as spam.

Participate in Blog Carnivals

A blog carnival is a blog community that collects links to blog posts on a particular topic along with opinions and remarks.  With so much information in the blogosphere, a carnival is a great way to promote your blog and learn what others bloggers have to say about a certain topic.  You can submit articles to a carnival covering your topic or organize your own blog carnival on your topic of choice. 

Write Guest Blogs

Serving as a guest blogger on a blog hosted by a like-minded blogger is another effective way to promote your blog. You can discuss your blog within the text of the guest blog, if appropriate, or simply include a link in your bio. We created a separate bio page for guest bloggers that includes links to their websites. 

Write an E-book

An e-book is a great way to promote your blog and repackage existing blog content.  Readers who enjoy your book will be inspired to read your blog and vice-versa.

Submit Your Blog to Blog Directories

Another way to promote your blog is by submitting your blog to blog directories and RSS directories.  You can also include a blog roll on your site listing other related blogs of interest and promote your blog in our list of legal blogs.

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