Web Developer Resume With Summary Statement Example

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The following is a resume example for a web developer. The resume includes a resume summary statement.

Web Developer Resume Example

Joe Applicant
123 Main Street, Town, PA 12345
c: 555-555-555 e: jobapplicant@gmail.com


I'm an award-winning web developer with more than 10 years of well-rounded experience. My skills include HTML, CSS, LAMP development, and graphic design. I also have experience with SEO and online advertising.


ABC Training
Philadelphia, PA, November 20XX - Present
Technical Instructor - Curriculum Developer - Corporate Trainer

  • Corporate trainer for ABC's high-profile corporate clients including ABC Bank and ABC School.
  • Technical instructor for ABC on-site web development program.
  • Contracted to teach web development programming and video editing at State University and Local County Community College.

Smith Business School
Philadelphia, PA, October 20XX - November 20XX
Technical Instructor - Curriculum Developer - Project Manager

  • Technical instructor in the web development programming course, including modules of HTML, ASP, Visual Basic, Access Database, Oracle Database, SQL Server, Cold Fusion, Java Script, Java, and Graphic Design.
  • Curriculum developer for the web development programming course, responsibilities include; course development, lecture preparation, and development of practical application exercises for web development.
  • Manager of internship and externship projects for students in the web development programming course. Single point of contact for the local corporations and non-profit organizations that provide internships for Smith students.

Web Company, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, February 20XX - September 20XX
Web Developer - Graphic Designer - Project Manager

  • Brought on board two weeks before Web Company's IPO to implement the transition of their 58 online communities from a UNIX to NT Environment following Microsoft's $100,000,000 investment. Applications developed utilized the power of IIS, ASP, VB, SQL Server, COM, ADO, and related Microsoft technologies.
  • Planned, created, launched, and managed corporate web sites for high-profile Web Company clientele, with a strong emphasis on user-centered design, usability standards, and human factors testing.
  • Received Web Company Recognition Award for outstanding work on multiple client sites.


XYZ University
B.S., Computer Science, 20XX
Magna cum laude      

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