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Welcome to the Sports Careers site.  Let’s start with an introduction:

I’m Rich Campbell and I’ve been studying the sports industry for the last twenty years.  In that time, I’ve become increasingly interested in how sports firms identify talent to hire and how people looking for career opportunities in sports successfully land those jobs.

My day job is a marketing professor at Sonoma State University, and I teach as an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco in their Master’s in Sports Management Program – holding both positions since 2005.  During that time I’ve had hundreds of former students land entry level sports industry jobs.  And based on their experiences, I’ve learned a lot about how to start a career in sports that can be shared with you.

Over that time period (and with the help of networking) I’ve also created an amazing network of sports professionals from entry level to Vice President who work for teams, leagues, media companies and sports products manufacturers all around the sports landscape.  So this forum won’t be limited to information about entry level jobs.  You will find insights and opinions on mid-career transitions as your career progresses.

In addition to over 170 articles and interviews I have published here, I also write about developments in the sports industry in my role as a Contributor at Forbes.  The entire team writing on sports business at Forbes SportsMoney is an excellent resource for you, as the writing is from a business perspective, not a fan perspective.

Now that you know a little bit about me, here is what you can expect when you visit - and revisit - the Sports Careers site:

Career Advice: I’ve spent the last year writing at TheBusinessofSports.com and also had articles published on WorkInSports.com.  I’ll now use this platform to post articles relevant to sports careers, networking, and resources you will need to find positions in sports.

Interviews: Hearing from the people in the industry is a great way to learn.  They will reflect on how they got their jobs, offer advice to those just starting out and share the specific roles they play in their organizations.  Examples of these interviews include Sean Ford of USA Basketball and Jarrod Dillon, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of the Tampa Bay Lightning. You can find more interviews here.

Resources: Finally, to develop a career in sports you need resources to develop your industry knowledge and to inspire you in you search for a great career.  A series of articles highlighting key books to read for career advancement. You can find those articles, dubbed Career Library here. Also, they can be found on Twitter with the hashtag #CareerLibrary.

Also be sure to check out the Careers site.  It has great articles on resumes, interviews and other topics for job seekers.  I highly recommend you using it to supplement the articles you find here at Sports Careers.

Another way to engage on the topic of sports careers is on Twitter.  You can find me there  @RichCampbellPhD.   Feel free to send career questions to me there.  Twitter is also a great forum for sharing the information you read here with others in the field of sports.

Also, I am also always looking for suggestions for people to interview in the sports industry.  If you know someone in the industry and want to send me a referral, I am always interested in learning about the varied career paths that industry professionals have taken to reach their current positions.  Similarly, if you have an interview suggestion for someone you do not know, but think would be of value to readers, I am happy to reach out to them and set up an interview.  In either case, know that I want the site to be responsive to you and provide valuable information.

So if you are serious about launching a career in sports or moving on to a better position within the industry, Sports Careers provides access to information about sports business that will take your career to the next level.  I look forward to your using the site as a career development resource to help you reach your goals.