Wendy Connick

Wendy Connick has almost fifteen years of sales and customer service experience.


Wendy's first sales position was a summer job selling vacuum cleaners door-to-door. She continued through a variety of sales jobs ranging from retail sales for a storage company to selling bank products for a Fortune 500 financial institution.

As a small business owner, Wendy now focuses on selling for her own company, Tailored Content, a website content provider.

She also has a blog, Sales That Works, about finding and adopting the selling style that works best for each individual salesperson.

Wendy Connick

A career in sales is unquestionably tough, but it's also quite rewarding. When the challenges are greatest, so is the satisfaction in overcoming them!

My goal is to provide resources that will help you overcome those challenges and become a highly successful sales professional.

If there is any specific topic you'd like to see covered, or if you have questions about any of the existing content, please let me know. I'd appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

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