What's Most Rewarding About a Career in Sales?

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Are you interested in a sales career? Sales, as a career, involves the activity of selling goods or services in a certain period of time. This exchange often includes finding a buyer who has a need for the product or services at hand, which usually depends on a larger sales strategy that provides a competitive plan to keep current customers and get new ones as well. Here are a few things to consider when you’re trying to decide if a career in sales is right for you.

Sales As a Career Choice

Salespeople guide potential buyers and close the deal by informing the buyers about features and benefits of products and services. At the same time, they answer the buyers’ questions, negotiate prices, and take orders.

Sales differs from marketing even though they’re both about convincing someone to buy products or services. While marketing tends to focus on as-is conditions, salespeople aim to transform and persuade the buyer in order to create value around the product or service.

According to Vault, roughly 5.7 million Americans work in some type of sales-related job, and that doesn't include retail. People in sales sell a diverse range of items including wholesale and manufactured products, advertising, insurance, security services, and other miscellaneous types of sales like engineering and telemarketing.

What's Rewarding About Being in Sales

Being in sales can be a rewarding career for many individuals. People who like sales as a career often genuinely enjoy making contacts and spending time talking with people. These are natural relationship builders who know how to talk to people and build connections. In fact, some salespeople will tell you that the most rewarding part of being in sales is the time spent with customers.

This is because people in sales help guide customers toward making the right decision about a product. The sales process can be a very personal way to interact with others and talk about solutions to their problems.

Good Customer Service Is Key

While some salespeople feel that spending time with customers is the best part of sales, others find that providing customers with the best service possible is rewarding in itself.

Many sales professionals pride themselves on making sure that a customer knows everything about the product they’re purchasing. In addition, these sales professionals are able to make sure that customers have learned how to use the product to its fullest potential.

Customer service is involved at every step of the sales process, including before, during, and after. This perception affects how customers feel about the product, service, company, staff, and more. Good customer service involves skills like listening to customers, helping to resolve their issues, and providing a prompt response to any problems that arise.

Salespeople must hone in on their customer service skills in order to provide an awareness of their product or service, all while talking to people with a friendly demeanor.

Sales Job Interview Tips

People considering the sales field must be able to get satisfaction from helping a customer to realize his or her goals. This can mean helping to fulfill a need, making selections together, and providing a variety of options as a solution.

Those looking to interview for a position in the industry are encouraged to carefully review sales job interview tips. It's important to be able to sell yourself to an employer, especially for a sales job, and to be able to demonstrate strong sales strategies.

For example, there are a number of interview questions that are important for anyone attempting to get a job in the sales field, such as, “Are you comfortable making cold calls?” or, “Have you consistently met your sales goals?”

Get yourself ready by preparing answers to interview questions about sales. Practice answering the questions out loud or find a friend or colleague willing to pose as the interviewer and read the questions to you.

Finally, your interviewer will expect you to have some questions about the sales position or the company, perhaps about what the company expects from their salespeople or how the commissions are structured. Having questions ready will show you’re interested in the company and well prepared for your interview.