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The question that readers of this Human Resources content ask most often is: “What is the definition of human resources or a human resource?” This article offers a definition that answers this question and points you to the wealth of resources available to you at this site, TheBalanceCareers.com.

What Is a Human Resource?

William R. Tracey, in "The Human Resources Glossary," defines Human Resources as: "The people that staff and operate an organization," as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. 

A human resource is a single person or employee within your organization. Human resources refer to all of the people you employ.

Human Resources is also the function in an organization that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation and benefits, recruiting and hiring employees, onboarding employees, performance management, training, and organization development and culture.

Human Resources staff is also responsible for advising senior staff about the impact on people (the human resources) of their financial, planning, and performance decisions. Managers rarely discuss the effect of their decisions on the people in the organizations. It is often predictable that decisions are driven by more easily measurable processes such as finance and accounting.

Human Resources evolved from the term: personnel, as the functions of the field, moved beyond paying employees and managing employee benefits.

The evolution of the HR function gave credence to the fact that people are an organization's most important resource. People are an organization's most significant asset.

As an organization's most significant asset, employees must be hired, satisfied, motivated, developed, and retained. See how the new roles of the HR employees have evolved to better fulfill these needs.

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