All About Modeling Vouchers

Model and photographer reviewing a modeling voucher on a shoot.

Catherine McGann / Getty Images

All models under agency representation are required to use special documents known as modeling vouchers. A modeling voucher is essentially an invoice that’s signed by the model and the client after the model completes a job, and you’ll need to bring one to each and every booking to make sure you get paid.

What Information Will I Need to Fill out?

The good news is that you, the model, won’t have to do much. Most modeling vouchers are branded with the model agency’s name and address, so you don’t have to worry about filling in those details. All you really need to do is write your name and sign your signature (after reading everything over, of course). 

The client is responsible for filling out 99.9% of the details, including the company name, address, and contact information, as well as the time you arrived, the time you finished, the number of hours worked, the job details, and the rate of pay.

Vouchers are filled out as soon as the job is over, and it’s very important to check and double-check that everything is filled out properly and in its entirety before signing the voucher. If you hand in a voucher that’s incorrect or incomplete, your agency will have to chase down the client to fix it, which really slows down the billing and payment process. 

Where Do I Get the Vouchers From?

You’ll most likely be issued a big book of modeling vouchers as soon as you sign your agency contract. Your agent will go over all of the details and will tell you how to fill them out and who to give them to.

What If I Forget to Bring a Voucher With Me?

It’s not the end of the world if you forget to bring a voucher to your booking, but it does make life a little more complicated, not to mention a little less professional. If you find yourself voucherless, you can either:

  • Call your agent and ask them to fax or email one over.
  • Ask one of the other models for one. If they’re with a different agency, you’ll need to scratch out their agency’s name and write in your agency’s name.
  • Admit you forgot your voucher, then ask the client if you can come back ASAP and have them fill it out. Remember that this situation is your fault, not theirs, so you’ll have to meet at a time and place that’s convenient for them, not you. This is the least ideal situation!

The best way to avoid this is to keep your book of vouchers in your model's bag. That way, you’ll never be without them. As a backup plan, you can also take a photo of a voucher and email it to yourself in case you need to print it off in a hurry.

What If I Run Out of Vouchers?

First, congratulate yourself! Running out of vouchers means you’ve booked a lot of jobs, which is amazing. To refill your stock, simply ask your agent for more. They’ll either ask you to stop by the agency to pick up a new book, mail you a book if you’re out of town, or email/fax you a single voucher for you to print off and photocopy.

What to Do With a Voucher Once It’s Signed

Once the voucher is signed, all you have to do is give it to your agent or your agency’s accounting department—whatever your agency prefers. You can either drop it off in person or fax/email it if it’s more convenient. It’s important to hand over your signed voucher as quickly as you can (same day or next day is preferred). The sooner it’s in the right hands, the sooner the client can be billed and the sooner you can get paid!

You should also know that most vouchers contain multiple carbon copies: one for you to keep for your records, one for the client, and one for the agency. It’s smart to get yourself something called a “voucher book,” which allows you to organize your vouchers and keep track of who you’ve worked for and how much you’ve earned.