How to Write a Sample Marketing Internship Resume

A marketing resume should reflect your skill and personality

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Your resume is an essential part of your job application. It gives employers a valuable overview of who you are as a professional. Even as a student with little working experience, your education, and extra-curricular activities give hiring managers insights into your potential as a contributor on their teams.

What Do I Include?

In a marketing internship resume, you should include your current course of study and where you go to school. If you have a high GPA, such as 3.5 or above, that should be included to show how studious and dedicated you are.

If you have any marketing experience, such as being part of a club on campus, volunteering or a previous internship, include the role and what you accomplished. Rather than just giving a list of tasks, including results. For example, instead of writing "promoted event" you would write, "Created marketing plan for campus event that resulted in record-breaking attendance." Using concrete examples of what you can deliver helps employers get an idea of your skill and work ethic.

Additionally, if you have a blog, website or a strong social media following, that is also valuable to include. Marketing agencies know the power of social media, and savvy interns are highly sought after. If you have other work experiences, such as working retail or another campus position, don't include it in your resume. That work experience isn't relevant to the position, so will be out of place on a professional marketing internship resume.

Should I Use Formatting or Designs?

Resumes for marketing positions can be more creative and individualized than the standard resume in other fields. Particularly if you're looking for a role in brand marketing or marketing design, branding yourself with specific colors, logos and smart layouts can help you stand out and reflect your talents. Just be aware that too much design can distract from your resume; any design aspects should complement your work experience, not overpower it.

Sample Marketing Internship Resume

Basic Contact Information
First Name, Last Name
Contact Information (Email, Cell Phone)
Social Media Information (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and others)
School Name, School Location
Expected Graduation Date
Note: List GPA only if it’s over a 3.5 or if it’s required
Work Experience
If you have any previous internships, include the time frame you worked, what your responsibilities were and what you accomplished during your tenure. Be specific, and if possible, link to examples online. For instance, if you promoted a campus event, you could link to the university's newspaper article covering it.
On-Campus Experience
List any on-campus experiences relevant to marketing, such as a marketing club, junior professional association membership, student council role or activity on a school newspaper.
Volunteer Experience
If you have helped a non-profit with marketing efforts, including anything from creating a brochure to promoting a fundraiser, mention that on your resume.
Other items you should include are relevant courses in marketing, any graphic design or Photoshop skills, and/or major accomplishments. If you have won any school or association awards, those are appropriate to include in your resume as well.