What to Do With a Degree in Philosophy

Alternative Careers

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Are you a thinker? If you enjoy pondering questions that may not have concrete answers, weighing alternative points of view and explaining your beliefs to others, philosophy may be a good major for you.

The biggest question you may have to answer, though, is "why philosophy?" You (not to mention your parents) may wonder what career will result from this field of study. As a philosophy major you will come out of school with a skill set that is highly valued in many occupations. For example, you will learn how to think critically, analyze information, solve problems and convey complex ideas to others both orally and in writing. Here are several alternative careers for you to consider. Some of them may require, or at least benefit from, additional education.




Human Resources Specialist

Public Relations Specialist

Marriage and Family Therapist

Network Systems Analyst

News Anchor

Management Analyst

Market Research Analyst