What to Include in a Teaching Internship Resume

Use Your Resume to Highlight Your Education, Skills and Accomplishments

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When constructing a teaching internship resume, you may be overwhelmed or not know where to begin. A well-written resume that lays out your goals, academic background, accomplishments and volunteer activities is pivotal to securing an internship.

Unlike a resume for a full-time position, your internship resume can contain information that normally isn't included. For instance, it's completely appropriate and recommended to include relevant coursework or student projects; for a full-time job, that would not work for you. You can highlight your position in student clubs and other activities, including volunteer positions. If you have worked any part-time jobs with children, such as working as a daycare aid, that's relevant information that's valuable to the hiring manager.

Working in a school system, summer camp, private school or any other educational capacity such as museum educator can count as relevant experience in the field. Many students work as Resident Assistants Tutors and Assistant Teachers at their college and this too is great preparation for working with individuals in an educational setting.

As your career develops and you get one or two internships completed, you'll remove preliminary information like details on your schoolwork and clubs; these items are only until you have real work experience to highlight.

You can use the below template to begin building your own resume, personalizing it to match your needs and your experience. Try to focus on results, rather than just a list of tasks. How you helped tutor a child and helped him successfully pass exams is more compelling than just writing that you "tutored students." Focusing on the outcomes highlights your abilities and gives the hiring manager an idea of what you can accomplish as an intern for them.

Sample Teaching Internship Resume (Text Only)

Suzy Q. Monroe

17 Colony Courtyard
Kingsland, NY 12900
(Home) (232) 422 - 3211
(Cell) (902) 777 - 4444


Columbia University, New York, NY, May 20XX
Bachelor of Science in Education (GPA 3.62)

Semester Abroad Program, London, England, Spring 20XX

Honors and Awards:

Periclean Honor Society, Spring 20XX, Fall 20XX, Spring 20XX
President’s Day Award, May 20XX

Teaching Experience:

Student Teacher, PS 104, New York, NY, Fall 20XX

  • Designed and taught math and science lessons to upper-level fifth-grade students.
  • Developed lesson plans for spring semester.
  • Incorporated special education students within inclusion setting.

Teacher Assistant, Mays Charter School, New York, NY, Summer 20XX

  • Prepared lesson plans for summer school program in fourth-grade math.
  • Created small group innovative lessons to encourage active student participation.
  • Collaborated with teacher on developing instructive booklet to streamline student teacher manual.

Related Experience:

Math Tutor, Mathematics Department, Columbia University, New York, NY, Fall 20XX

Young Readers Club, New York City Library, New York, NY, Summer 20XX

  • Assisted pre-school students, ages 3- 5, with beginning reading skills.

Tutor, Spring Street School, New York, NY, Spring 20XX

  • Established and taught program on developing good study habits by working smarter not harder.

Volunteer Experience:

The American Heart Association, New York, NY, Summer 20XX


  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Outlook, Access, PC and Mac, Internet.