What to Wear to a Job Interview at Victoria's Secret

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Interview attire for Victoria’s Secret should be stylish, but professional. Although Victoria’s Secret is famous for its lingerie, it’s important to make sure your interview outfit is appropriate.

What to Wear to a Job Interview at Victoria's Secret

Think “modern business casual” for an interview at the store.

Interview Attire Options
You’ll want a look that’s fashionable, not frumpy. A nice dress, a blouse, and black slacks, or fitted button-down and a pencil skirt all make for good -- and professional -- interview outfits for women. For men, black slacks and a button-down shirt work well.

The Best Shoes to Wear
For shoes, be sure to steer clear of sneakers or flip-flops. Instead, for women, ballet flats or modest high heels, with a height less than 3.5 inches, are a good choice. Men should wear a dress shoe or loafer.

Hair, Makeup, and Accessories
It’s alright to accessorize with jewelry, but keep it low-key. Same goes for hair and makeup. Certainly don’t doll up as much as you would for a night out, but considering that you’re applying for a retail job that involves sales and interaction with customers, you’ll want to look approachable and polished in your appearance. Remember, customers will be looking for you to offer fashion advice, and your interviewer will want to see that you have a sense of style that matches their image.

Should You Wear the Store Dress Code?
A question that often comes up in regards to interviewing at companies with employee uniforms is whether or not candidates should adhere to the workplace dress code. In the case of a company with a distinct outfit, like Target or Best Buy, this isn’t the best idea, as you might not be taken seriously or you might appear presumptuous.

However, in the case of Victoria’s Secret, where all the employees dress in black, it’s acceptable to use this outfit as inspiration for your own interview look, as long as you don’t go overboard. For example, a “little black dress,” so long as it hits mid-thigh or below, would be a good choice. A black blazer layered over a simple top and paired with black slacks is another good option.

Victoria's Secret Interview Tips

Familiarize yourself with the Victoria’s Secret lines.

Know their latest additions, expansions, and the status of the brand. Check out the company's careers page to learn more about their hiring process.

Victoria’s Secret is more than just a lingerie store.

As a salesperson, you’ll also be expected to comment on their clothing line, their perfumes, and their hair, body, and makeup products. Visit the store before your interview, so you know which products are featured on display. You can impress the interviewer if you have a working knowledge of the fit of their clothes and the accessories they carry.

Remember the best accessory is a smile.

Most clothing stores focus on making the shopping experience one that’s enjoyable and enticing for their customers, so a manager isn’t going to want to hire someone who always has a sour expression on their face or who has a bad attitude. Be friendly and outgoing during your interview so your interviewer knows you will interact in that way with customers, too.

Show the hiring manager that you'll be a good team member.

Management wise, retail stores function as a team, so your interviewer will want to see that you’re capable of good teamwork. Be ready to speak about your abilities to work well with others.

Share your customer service skills during the interview.

Customer service skills are an important asset in the retail world, so be prepared to answer interview questions related to customer service and how you would handle a variety of situations and scenarios that could come up in a day's work. Practice customer service interview questions and answers before the interview.

Be flexible.

The retail industry expects employees to be able to work flexible hours, including evenings and weekends. It’s a good idea to emphasize your availability during the interview, especially if you are able to work changeable hours.