What Will You Do If You Don't Get This Position?

Best Answers for Interview Question About Not Getting an Internal Job

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When you are interviewing for an internal position within your company, you may be asked what you will do if you don't get the job. The interviewer wants to know whether you are concerned about just the advancement opportunity or the company. It pays to ask yourself the same question before the interview and take stock of what your plans will be for the future, as well as developing a good answer.

Best Answer to Interview Question, "What Will You Do If You Don't Get This Position?"

I am committed to this company and its advancement so, should I not be selected, I will work with and support whoever might get selected. However, I do feel that my experience in the department and with the team would make me the best candidate.

More Answers

If you are focused on changing positions, and you are interviewing for other jobs, here are some examples of answers to use:

  • I will continue looking in this field for another position that will fit my schedule and goals.
  • I will continue to watch for other vacancies within our company and opportunities for advancement.
  • I am exploring more training and getting further credentials to enhance my qualifications for advancement.
  • I will consider broadening my search to include some different industries hiring part-time people.
  • I feel like this would be a good fit for me, so I'm hoping I won't have to think too much about that!

Benefits of Applying for Internal Positions

Applying for an internal position is a chance to promote yourself to the interviewers and members of the selecting committee. You may have skills and experience that your current position doesn't utilize. Your supervisor and coworkers may not be familiar with them, either. Updating your resume and presenting yourself at internal interviews is a way to advertise your untapped talent.

You may discover that the position you have applied for is not the best match, or there may be a candidate they prefer. You don't get the job that you applied for, but you have not wasted your time and effort. The interviewers will remember you when there are future openings and promotions. You may even get a request to submit your application for a job.

You might receive an offer to be detailed to fill in for a position when someone is on leave or travel, allowing you to learn a new function. It can be a stepping stone to a promotion.

Drawbacks of Applying for Internal Positions

You may feel demoralized if you are not selected for the position, and you must work with the person who was hired or promoted. This disappointment is natural, but it can result in lingering dissatisfaction and workplace stress. Consider how you will deal with these emotions if you are not selected.