Where to Find Sales Jobs

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Are you looking for a sales job? Or do you want to find a better sales job? The days when newspaper classified ads were the only option are long gone. Internet job boards have the flexibility to post tons of jobs and often specialize in different types of jobs or certain industries. Here are some online resources that can help you find just the right sales job for you.

Sales Job Specific Sites

This site brags that they have “More sales jobs than Monster, Hotjobs & CareerBuilder combined” and that may be the case. They certainly have a lot! One of the things I like about this site is that their search tool is very sales-oriented. You can search by industry (medical sales, for example) or work-from-home sales, or even search for 100% commission sales jobs.

They don't seem to have as many job listings as SalesJobs.com, but they have more sales management jobs than the first site – so if you're looking for a management position, this might be a better choice. They also have a separate Canadian sales jobs site.

While they lack the free resume-building tools of the other two sites, they have a lot of sales jobs – including postings by some major corporations. And they do offer a paid resume-building service.

General Purpose Job Sites

That's right, two of the biggest job search sites have merged into one “monster” website. Monster eventually took down the HotJobs website and consolidated everything on Monster.com. You can search by job title or by skill/keyword to identify sales-related postings.

CareerBuilder has a section for “Sales and Marketing Jobs” that includes sales-oriented career advice. Their sales postings seem to be about on a par with HotJobs'.

This is a “slimmed down” jobs site that focuses on doing one thing – posting job listings – and doing it well.