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Based in California, provides cloud-based software and services for technological support to clients, via tech support chat and call center agents, enabling companies to resolve technical issues, support productivity, and improve customer experience.

Work-at-Home Positions Available offers many different openings that are available in the US as work-at-home positions:

Remote Services Technician

In these home call center jobs, employees answer inbound calls and greet customers, determine the scope of issues, encourage completion of a customer survey, properly document all interactions and resolve customer requests by investigating problems and developing solutions. Must have knowledge of wireless configuration for all operating systems, Windows network configurations, and router configurations.

There are several different types of remote technician jobs. For example, the client services technician educates customers in the use of installed products, service offerings, billing, charges, and product features. Another option is the chat remote services technician whose responsibilities include greeting customers, helping sales associates resolve technical issues, and confirming customer agreement to terms and conditions.

Solutions Center Supervisor

These employees support and supervise remote services technicians. Day-to-day responsibilities include coaching and mentoring technicians in order to improve performance levels, enforcing policies, and managing up to 15 remote employees. Qualifications include 4-6 years of related experience, excellent customer services skills, written and oral skills and the ability to communicate technical concepts to the customer.

Contact Center Operations Director

Responsibilities for this position include tactical leadership and guidance of a team of work-at-home managers, supervisors, technical support agents, and other support staff. This also includes tasks such as participating in hiring programs, leading at all levels of in order to address quality issues, providing contact center practices, and preparing status updates for executives.

In addition to the above positions, some sales management and account executive positions may be work from home.

Salary and Benefits

All positions are for employees, not independent contractors, and offer benefits, which include medical, dental, visions, 401K, paid time off and paid. Remote technicians are paid $10.25 to $11 an hour with bilingual agents (Spanish) receiving more.

Qualifications and Background Checks

All employees must also have strong interpersonal skills and high motivation to excel in their position. Remote technicians must pass a background check and provide their own computer equipment. This equipment includes a PC with specific requirements and Internet connections of a certain speed.

In addition to the job-specific experience listed above remote technicians must have good customer service skills, excellent written and oral communication abilities, problem-solving skills and typing of 30-40 WPM.

The supervisory jobs require management experience. They must also be able to motivate and empower employees, maintain high levels of confidentiality, and it is helpful to be familiar with infrastructure, policies, and procedures.

Applying for positions at

Use the career website in the link provided at the bottom and select the job that you want. At the bottom of this page, there should be an “Apply” button which will direct you to their online application. Fill out the required fields, then click next to begin the Technical Review which is a series of questions about different types of technology questions (how to use Windows, different types of devices, etc.) After you finish this you will then need to submit your resume and cover letter.