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This site is full of lists of companies that hire for work-at-home jobs-- all of which are included in this Work-at-Home Company Directory. However that directory, a master list of more than 200 job possibilities, can be a little overwhelming, so I have created an index of all the lists to help you navigate to the home-based job opportunities that fit best with your skills, experience and lifestyle.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPOs)

Jobs in this industry run the gamut in terms of skills desired, pay and location, but most of the ones on this list of BPO jobs are customer care related. And in fact, for work-at-home jobs in BPOs you'll want to look through this Full List Home Call Center Opportunities. However you will find event more jobs if your peruse the lists of jobs by experience.


Education professionals may want to browse this  full list of education and teaching jobs from home and then drill down with these more specific lists.


Many of the jobs in the financial industry at places like American Express can be telecommuted, so people in this industry looking for telecommuting work are better off concentrating on the job postings specific to their industries then find out if a job can be telecommuted. However, I do have one list of work-at-home companies.


The insurance industry is particularly friendly to telecommuters. Find insurance jobs from home here.


While the internet is a broad career field where one might find jobs in many sectors, these lists represent some of the kinds of companies that hire people to work online from home. More specialize fields like web design, job applicants should start with a job search focused on their skills then narrow the search by telecommuting.


If you are a creator of ideas and images browse these lists of jobs in media so see where you might put these skills to work.


While many medical jobs are clinical there are a surprising number of home-based jobs for those in health fields.

Travel and Hospitality

Non-Phone Jobs and Quick Money-Making Gigs

Non-Phone Jobs

Call center work and sales are very typical entry level home-based jobs, but if talking on the phone is not practical or desired, here are a few more options.

Quick Moneymaking Tasks or Gigs

If you aren't looking to make a career out of working from home but want to earn some extra money on the side, or slowly build an income stream these quick money makers may be for you.

Jobs by Location

It does matter where you live even if you work from home. Many companies only hire employees or contractors located in specific countries or areas of countries. Here are a few lists sorted by location; however it is probably necessary to browse other lists as well, since these only contain companies that specifically say they hire in an area. Many companies don't always state where they are hiring home-based workers.

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