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Online education—both teaching and tutoring—is a way to put your teaching experience to use when circumstances or desire point to a job outside the classroom. And the added bonus is that many of the jobs in distance education are work at home as well.

Naturally online teaching is an important role in the field of distance education. However, there's a lot more to this rapidly growing industry. Not only does someone have to teach an online course; someone must write, edit, design and produce it first. And though occasionally that is one and the same person; frequently it is someone else. In fact, it may be a whole team of other people.

Because online education is a great area for those working in the education field who want to work-at-home jobs, I have put together a whole series of articles on the subject:

About Online Education Jobs

Types of Online Education Jobs
Not sure what type of online education jobs is right for you? This profile outlines jobs from K-12 to college—with opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Or get more in-depth with these job profiles:

  • Online Tutoring - Would you make a good online tutor? What does it pay? Find out the qualifications and education required for this work-at-home job as well as salary information.
  • Instructional Designer - Instructional designer jobs are very often work at home jobs. See the education and experience required for this in online education.
  • Course Development - The first step in turning your professional experience in education into a job in online course development is knowing course development process works and the positions required in that process.

Where to Find Online Teaching Jobs

Online teaching jobs include a wide range of qualification and types of positions, and you can find all sorts on this list of education and online teaching jobs. But to narrow your search to your particular experience, see:

  • Finding Online Faculty Positions - If you work at the college level, see this list of teaching jobs for online faculty—everything from deans to teaching assistants. It includes both online colleges and brick-and-mortar schools.
  • Finding Online K-12 Jobs - For K-12 teachers, this list includes online teaching and tutoring K-12 jobs plus test writing and instructional design jobs for this level.
  • Bilingual Teaching Jobs From Home - This list of bilingual teaching jobs includes positions that require a teaching certificate and a college degree as well as those that only require bilingual ability and teaching experience.
  • Test Prep and Scoring Jobs - These jobs include online tutoring for GED, AP SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT and other professional exams as well as scoring and test development opportunities for major tests.
  • Online Teaching Employment Resources - Use these employment resources for both in-classroom and online teaching jobs—i.e., list of companies and employment databases—then narrow your search to online or work-at-home teaching jobs.