What to Do as a Working Mom When You're Running Out of Energy

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Perhaps you're exhausted, but there is work to be done. Your mind might be overwhelmed with thoughts of the things on your to-do list, but your body is screaming for rest. You’re torn between stopping and going, between listening to your body or your mind.

If you work, you'll continue to hear your body demanding rest. And if you rest, your mind will haunt you with tasks you aren't completing. Here are five ways to revive your personal energy so that your mind feels accomplished and your body gets the break it deserves.

Become Aware of Your Personal Energy Level

Becoming aware of how much energy you have is empowering. This involves paying attention to how your body feels and how much activity it has had. It involves looking back and realizing what emotions you've experienced. 

Emotions affect your personal energy. Were you stressed, worried, or extremely excited? Emotional intelligence is a huge factor in personal energy management. If you feel lousy, maybe it’s because you’re tired or tense about something. 

When you get good at recognizing your personal energy level, you can share that information with others. It helps clue them in on why you are acting the way you are. Being honest is powerful, plus it shows those around you that you are aware of your actions. 

When you are aware of the amount of energy you have, it actually gives you a little boost of energy. It’s like giving yourself a break. Why am I tired? Oh, right, the baby woke up three times last night, and I also got to bed late. When you realize your energy is a bit low, you tend to ease up a bit on how much work you'll take on.

Give Yourself an Order to Take a Timeout

Sometimes when your body simply can't take anymore; when your energy level is at zero, you absolutely must rest. When you're in that state, don't just allow yourself a timeout; order yourself to take one.

Tell your family you need to rest and give them an idea of how long you have to be on your break. Once it's over, you'll be better able to tackle whatever comes next.

Take Some Deep Breaths

Something as small as a few deep breaths can be powerful and beneficial. But when you're in a stressful moment, like when requests are coming at you rapid-fire, it's easy to forget how good a deep breath feels.

When you feel your energy dipping, close your eyes (if you can), shut out the world, take some deep breaths, and get your bearings.

Remember Your Priorities

At that moment when you’re down and out, remember what is most important to you. Make a mental list of your current priorities and think about which ones best support your values and goals. Do those things first and leave the other things for another day.

You may have limited personal energy at the moment, but because you have this list, your feeling of being overwhelmed will decrease.

Find Some Love

If your kids are around, get a hug from them for an awesome energy boost. If the kids aren’t around, look at a picture or watch a video of them.

Getting some love centers you and makes you aware of what truly matters.