5 Ways Working Mothers Can Make Extra Money From Home

With a bit of energy you can bring in some extra cash with these ideas

Mother working from home
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Even though we work hard for a living, working mothers often find ourselves searching for ways to make extra money or spend less. This extra money is often used for luxuries, such as family vacations, new furniture, high-tech gadgets, etc.

Maybe you can't imagine finding time to make extra money when you already work full-time. However, there are some creative ways you can make extra money without cutting into your quality parenting time.

Try making extra money by doing one or more of the following jobs:


If you no longer have babies, but your friends or neighbors do, ask if they want a Saturday night out on the town. Maybe you can babysit and bring your children along as helpers. This way you spend time with your family while making money watching someone else's child or children.

Personal shopping

Love to shop, but have friends or colleagues who hate it? Offer to do holiday shopping for friends and family members who don't have time. Charge 10-15 percent of what your customers spend as your fee.

Most of the shopping can be done online and delivered directly to your customers' homes. Offer to make returns for your customers at no charge, so it's not a hassle for them. If you get several steady customers, you can earn money all year long when they need to purchase apparel, electronic or household items for themselves or others.

Direct marketing

From selling catalogue makeup lines, such as Mary Kay or Avon, to becoming a representative for direct marketing companies that sell items such as jewelry, household products, or weight loss products you can make extra money.

Many of these direct marketing jobs require you to host parties in people's homes, where you earn a percentage of the sales you make. In most cases, you can do this on a weekend evening after your children are in bed. It's a great way to make extra money, and socialize at the same time. Just make sure you don't end up blowing your extra money on products for yourself -- or spending so much time on marketing and planning that your pay ends up rivaling minimum wage.

Computer installation and technical support

If you're naturally computer savvy, you can use your skills to help family, friends and neighbors who may be "technologically impaired" set up their new computer system, fix their system or install software. This is another job that can be completed on weekends or in the evening, and you can earn money by simply installing computer operating systems and programs for people. Good places to market your services are local senior citizen centers and your children's school.

Craft making

Have a special craft-making talent? Do you have a knack for making decorative household or personal items, such as jewelry boxes, floral wreaths, or homemade jewelry? Make these items at night after the kids have gone to bed.

In turn, you can sell your items via word of mouth, by posting photos on your Facebook page, host a party at your home, or setup an Etsy shop.   Again, be careful that the time you spend doesn't end up dwarfing the amount of money you can make, based on the prices you can charge. The time away from family is precious, after all.

Part-time at home work

Yes, such jobs do exist and yes there are also many scams out there.  To help you weed through them we put out a list of ​10 companies who can find you part time work.  These job sites offer part-time at home jobs that you can you can do for a few hours each night.  So spruce up that resume and send it off!​