Working Solutions: A Work-at-Home Company Profile

Working Solutions
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Business processing outsourcer (BPO)  provides inbound technical support, sales, travel and ticketing services and customer service as well as data entry and editing services.

Company Description:

Based in Plano, TX, Working Solutions bills itself as "the first company to utilize an entire workforce of home-based customer sales and service agents." Founded in 1996, the company hires independent contractor virtual call center agents to services clients' call center needs. Additionally it also hires contractors for data entry work.


Applicants must be 18 years old. Working Solutions "looks for skilled, educated, and motivated people" to fill its ranks. Agents are required to provide their own computer equipment, phone line and Internet service (DSL, fiber optic or cable). See more on typical home call center office requirements.

Types of Work-at-Home Positions:

Working Solutions hires independent contractors to work on a project basis in home call centers, as travel consultants and on data entry.

Virtual call center agents handle inbound and outbound customer service, sales, market research and/or technical support. These positions could include enrollments, retail sales, reservations, account support and technical assistance on electronics, websites, software and telephony. Agents work with customers over the phone, through online chat and email.

The company also seeks bilingual agents. (See more bilingual jobs.) Company also hires travel agents with knowledge of Apollo, Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre or WorldSpan and corporate booking experience.

In addition to call center agents Working Solutions hires for data entry jobs, which don't involve phone time.

Pay and Benefits:

Because Working Solutions hires independent contractors there is no guarantee of minimum wage or any number of hours per week. However, the position is likely a part-time call center job. The company says its projects, which all compensate differently, pay anywhere from $9 to $30 an hour. However, they may not necessarily calculate pay on an hourly rate. Agents invoice Working Solutions, based on their projects' pay instructions, and are paid every two weeks.

Once accepted into Working Solutions, agents must apply to its various programs. When accepted into a program the agent will go through training, which could last days or weeks. If the agent successfully completes the training, he or she will receive a stipend. 

Again because it hires independent contractors, the company does not offer benefits of any kind. For more information on the distinction between employees and contractors, see Self-Employment or Employment: Which Is Better?

Agents are able to choose their own hours online. However, the availability of hours can vary making it difficult to earn a full-time living at Working Solutions. Despite their status as independent contractors, agents aren't charged any fees by the company.

Geographic Restrictions:

The company hires Agents OnDemand in all U.S. states and from across the world. However the number of projects, particularly call center jobs, for residents outside the U.S. is more limited.

Applying to Working Solutions:

Submit an application online through the company's website (link below). You may paste a resume into the comments field of the application. At the end of the online application, you will be asked to answer a few questions in part one of an assessment. Multiple choice and written-answer questions will test your knowledge of customer service as well as assess your grammar and writing skills.

After submitting this, you will be able to complete the second part of the assessment. For this you will call in and record answers regarding customer service scenarios.After this your application will be evaluated and you will be notified if your application will be placed in the "pending pool," meaning that you will be considered for opportunities that match your qualifications.If there is a match you will be contacted by email. It can take several weeks to moths to matched with the first project.

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