Writers' Rooms - Need to Get out and Write?

Since the Writers Room opened in 1978 to address the needs of urban writers, who don't always have space conducive to writing at home, similar writers' rooms have opened up around the U.S. and abroad. In addition to a desk, many of the organizations also provide kitchen and lounge spaces, a reference library, Internet access, and community.

The Loft (Minneapolis)

Minneapolis Downtown
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The Loft offers writers private studios with an adjustable work chair, a rocking chair for reading, overhead and desk lighting, a posting wall with thumbtacks, as well as wired and wireless Internet access. Writers may rent studio space for one month ($100), three months ($225), or six months ($400).

Contact Lucas Schulze at lschulze@loft.org or 612-215-2573 for information about getting a Loft Writers' Studios contract. The Loft is located in suite 200 of the Open Book literary arts center at 1011 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis.

The Office (Santa Monica)

The Office in Santa Monica

The Balance / The Office

The Office of Santa Monica is open to members during peak hours (M-F 8:00-6:00) and to all, on a first-come, first-served basis, during off-peak hours. Rental fees include Internet access, coffee, newspapers and trade magazines, a reference library, and parking. Rates vary but generally run between $150 and $500 a month, depending on the level of access. Month- and week-long trial memberships are available, as well as day passes; non-members should call about availability before coming.

Tel: 310-917-4455, 256 26th Street, Suite 101, Santa Monica, CA 90402-2524.

Toronto Writers' Centre

Toronto Writers' Centre

The Balance / Toronto Writers' Centre

Opened in May 2006, the Toronto Writers' Centre provides free wireless, a balcony, kitchen, lounge, boardroom, and a writing room with 28 individual workspaces. Full memberships are CDN$125 per month (three-month commitment required, CDN$105 initiation fee); visiting writer memberships are also available. Open 24/7, including holidays, the center also seeks to build a community of writers.

Tel: 647-427-4737, md@writerscentre.ca, 627 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario, M6G 1K8.

The Writers' Room of Boston

The Writers' Room of Boston
The Writers' Room of Boston.

The Balance / The Writers' Room of Boston

With writing carrels, computers, a kitchen, and a furnished common space, the Writers' Room of Boston provides writers who work or live in downtown Boston a writing refuge. Twenty-four-hour access is available with the $225 quarterly fee (some fellowships are granted).

Tel: 617-523-0566, info@writersroomofboston.org, 111 State Street, fifth floor, Boston, MA 02109.

The Writers' Room of Hamburg

Germany, Hamburg, Old Town
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The Writers' Room of Hamburg follows the model of the NYC Writers' Room, providing two large studio rooms with workstations and a conference room for readings, workshops, and meetings. Housed in an old can factory, which is also home to fine art, theatre, and dance studios, the Writer's Room offers writers the opportunity to meet and socialize with other types of artists.

Stresemannstrasse, Tel.: +49 -40 -898 233, info@writersroom.de, 374 Haus E, D-22761 Hamburg.

The Writers WorkSpace (Chicago)

The Writers WorkSpace

The Balance / Writers WorkSpace

A work and meeting space for writers of all genres, the Writers WorkSpace is located in the Andersonville/Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago and offers quiet workspace, printer and Internet access, a lounge and kitchen area, and a conference room where writers to meet with clients. Full-time ($125/month), part-time ($70/month), and temporary memberships are available.

Tel: 773-907-0336, info@writersworkspace.com, 5443 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640.

WriterHouse (Charlottesville, VA)

Charlottesville, Virginia
Charlottesville, Virginia.

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WriterHouse is a not-for-profit writing space and literary organization in Charlottesville, VA, that encourages the development of writers of all levels by providing an affordable, secure workspace, high-quality writing instruction, and literary events. Click through for more information.

Writers' Rooms in NYC

The Writers' Studio at the Mercantile Library Center

The Balance / The Mercantile Library Center

There are six writers' rooms—including the seminal Writers' Room in Manhattan—for those seeking a quiet workspace in NYC writers.