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Crafting an Attention Grabbing Resume

How to Write a Resume
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A resume can never fully showcase the extent of your writing and publishing career, especially for freelancers. You didn’t just complete a series of writing jobs; rather, you built your own business. You probably can’t even fit all your projects on one page, but here’s what you should highlight.

Your Best Work Experience

  • Highlight your most impressive work experience rather than delivering a laundry list of as many gigs as you can fit on the page. Employers and new clients would rather see a high profile company you worked for, even if the project was less important, over a more intensive project for a small business.
  • Pick writing projects or clients that are most relevant to the job you're applying for.
  • Consider including a text box with a testimonial from an appreciative client.
  • Include facts and figures when you can. If you wrote content for a website that gets a million hits per month, that grabs attention. Did your new content for a website increase page views by 50 percent, or did your blog for a client attract 4000 new members to the site? Express action-oriented results when possible.
  • Don't overload your writing examples with excessive detail and avoid overused words like professional, creative, driven and detail-oriented.
  • Include a few links to your best writing samples.
  • Present your whole self, not just your writer self. An employer is hiring a human with an array of interests, likes, and experiences, not a bot that churns out content. Include a section on other interests to connect with clients on a personal level.

Your Online Presence

For some writing jobs, this can be a significant part of your resume. Direct readers to your website where they can find writing samples, a client list, testimonials, and awards. Include your Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest accounts (only if you have a professional presence) where your personality and creativity shine through, and if you think it will enhance a prospective employer's opinion of you.

Writing / Publishing Resume Examples

Before you start working on your resume, review resume examples to get ideas for how to write and format your own. Here are writing and publishing related resume examples that you can use as a springboard to tailor your own experience, achievements, and skills.

It's crucial that your resume makes a good first impression and displays your writing and editing skills. Have someone else review it and proofread as it's difficult to catch mistakes in your own writing.

Resume Types and Templates

Also review the various types of resumes, including functional, combination, and targeted resumes as well as resume templates you can download to create your own.